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Geometry Dash is a series of five video games developed by Sweden-based developer Robert Topala, and published by his company, RobTop Games. The principal game, Geometry Dash, it is a rhythm-based platforming game which currently has 21 official levels and has more than 40 million online levels made by players. Check out the full version for new levels, soundtracks, achievements, online level editor and much much more!

Also if you want to explore more games in the same genre as the popular Geometry Dash base game, check out our list below: Dash Games. Here you will find other famous versions like Geometry Dash MeltdownGeometry Dash WorldGeometry Dash Bloodbank or Geometry Dash Subzero…. and many more interesting games. So, what are you waiting for? Now is the time to discover with us!


  • Levels of difficulty ranging from tough to almost impossible.
  • The game’s simple controls make it easy to understand right from the beginning.
  • Excellent music that push you to continue to the next section of the tune. Interesting gameplay that is linked to the rhythm.

Tips and Tricks

If you want to be successful, it’s important to time your movements to the pulse of the music. Continue to maintain your composure, if you aren’t worried out, the game will be lot easier! Practice! Over time, you will become more adept at the tiny motions that will allow you to go forward. Share your accomplishments and benefit from the experiences of others.

How to Play

  • SPACE/UP Arrow = Jump
  • HOLD DOWN SPACE/UP Arrow = Multi-jump
  • UP Arrow = Steer vehicle up
  • DOWN Arrow = Steer vehicle down
  • Don’t touch the spikes, or you will have to restart!

IOS, Android, PC

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