Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G Bespoke Edition


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See more and do more with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 smart phone, that has the ultimate foldable screen putting a workspace, theater, and game room right in your pocket. The sleek cover display* unfolds to double the size, providing one expansive 7.6” edge-to-edge display that’s like a tablet. Our first-ever Under Display Camera provides an incredible uninterrupted view. We’ve put an ultra dynamic AMOLED display on our super expansive screen. Work and play in any light with a high-contrast ratio and an adaptive 120 Hz refresh rate on the main screen, plus intuitive blue light management that automatically adjusts based on the time of day. Work smarter not harder and from virtually anywhere on this powerful multifaceted cellphone that makes multitasking a breeze. Drag and drop text, pictures, and graphs across different apps. Or pull up multiple docs at once to reference and edit at the same time. And now with our revolutionary S Pen,* you can even jot down notes while video calling. Send an email in a flash, enjoy smooth gaming, and upload every moment with 5G* connectivity. Galaxy Z Fold3 is water-resistant* and made with our strongest aluminum frame for enhanced protection. Unfold a new world of benefits with exclusive Z Premier perks, created just for Galaxy Z owners. *Measured diagonally, the screen size is 7.6″ in a full rectangle and 7.4″ accounting for the rounded corners. The actual viewable area is smaller due to the rounded corners and camera hole. *Compatible with S Pen Fold Edition and S Pen Pro only, sold separately. Works with main display only. *Multi Active Window works with select applications; compatible apps growing through third party developers. *Drag and drop functionality works with select applications. *5G speeds vary and require optimal network and connection (Factors include frequency, bandwidth, congestion); see carrier for available. *Super fast (25 W) charger sold separately. Use only Samsung approved chargers and cables; do not use any worn or damaged chargers or cables; incompatible charger or cable can cause serious injuries or damage to your mobile device. *Has an official IPX8 rating. Water resistant in up to 5 feet of freshwater for up to 30 minutes. Rinse residue/dry after wet.


From the manufacturer


Z Fold 3, Z Fold 3 + S Pen Case


256GB, 512GB

Customer Reviews

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Great phone

Though expensive but the features justify the cost.

extremely beautiful oled device!!

extremely beautiful oled device!!

Extremely solid phone that is not as expensive as you think

The Fold 3 is solid. You feel the sturdiness when you open it and close it. The inside screen is not soft at all and feels like a normal screen.

Outside screen is a little narrow, but good enough for messaging, reading email, checking your bank account, and similar things.

The inside screen is fantastic. Google Maps look amazing, TikTok now takes the whole screen, websites come alive, and it just makes this phone so much useful than a regular smartphone.

Yes, price is high. Now, if you consider the cost of an iPhone Pro Max plus an iPad mini, this phone allows you to have both on one device that you can put in your pocket for less money. It also has more memory and storage than the usual iPhone and iPad, as you can get this with 12 gigs of ram and 512 gigs of storage which is insane.

The only thing that is not good is the Samsung case. It just does not feel right in your hand and the flap gets in the way. You are going to have to spend a little more in a good case. I personally ordered a Spielgen $40 case that does not have the front flap and that should do the trick.
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Wow ...just wow

I switched from an iPhone 12 pro max. I was completely entrenched in the apple ecosystem. This device was absolutely worth switching for. Literally everything about it is better. Having a display this large that folds into your pocket is a game changer.

incredible experience.

I'm not an Android guy, the last Android phone I had was running 4.0, since I've used iPhones over the years. Let me tell you, with the flexibility of the phone, not just literally, but systematically, the amount of choice and customization that can be attained by this device is simply incredible. I've never ever seen another phone that allows you to play a YouTube video in a panel, then have a stock trading app, and a news feed in two side by side panels... ALL at the same time on a screen that is more than generous with space.

Then, simply close the screen, and you have a completely fresh front phone experience to make calls and use as a normal phone for GPS, Music stream, etc. All the whole your unfolded experience still persists when you're ready to sit back down and return to your multiplane experience.

Battery life is excellent, as with most phones, you need to debloat the software. It takes 10 minutes, and there are plenty of YT videos just for this phone to do it. With the tweaks and cleanup, you should expect at least 8 hours of screen on time. That said, I've never charged over 85% To preserve the battery, and never fully discharged the battery yet. So maybe closer to 10 hours if youre willing to go all out. Quite impressive, given the fact that like 90% of the phone is screens.

Never have I ever had this level of flexibility and utility from a portable device. It's made almost all my other devices including my laptop, essentially unused over the last week's.

Cameras are the best I've personally ever had in a smartphone, and you have a camera for each level of zoom. Fisheye, normal scene camera, then more of a close up selfie/macroesque camera. Software can zoom through all the lenses automatically. It's VERY cool. I see people complaining about the camera as it's not the one in the S21, I'd love to see that as much as anyone, but unless you're solely getting this for the camera, it's actually pretty great. I've attached a few photos I've taken to this review.

Very, very impressed. Obviously, the phone isn't cheap, but I'm a firm believer that the experience of this phone is actually worth FAR more than $1,700 if you can use it and adapt it to what you want.

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